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Video Review: PlayStation 4

This is a very thorough review of the Playstation 4 (PS4). There is a lot of information within this video, so you’ll want to watch it completely. The rough text of the video goes like this:

so welcome back to another episode and just like the days of the week we get a brand new playstation 4 throw and I just want to say that this is being sent in by Sony for review for me I’m not paid or sponsored to talk about this device in any capacity it’s a review copy only and I got a lot to say about this in fact it’s gonna be quite a big discussion today and I just want to say for the record I already played the playstation 4 pro today a picture look this place i was doing an interview over there and so I got to try a lot of games and see what the hoop la was for this system and also see a lot of what the confusion is like this is a bit of a PR nightmare and it was a device i was i know that sounds funny but I was kind of nervous about reviewing because there’s a lot of misinformation and it’s very confusing i was confused as just a video game player going into understanding what this is all about and so what I thought I’d do is an unboxing and I have a regular ps4 here and the slim and I thought you know compare them visually and then getting to talking about how it works and how it looks and how it plays and of course I wouldn’t forget this gonna break the seal here man oh man people have been talking about this device for so long there’s so much confusion and that’s the whole thing is a lot of confusion about this device and here we go we’re stepping into the next level here here’s a a box inside of a box and it comes to the one terabyte hard drive here’s our Quick Start Guide to get to the meat and potatoes here there’s the device itself and I’ll be the controllers and all that stuff let’s have a look at the machine itself Wow here we go here is the device itself and what a beast this is what a beast this is look at this like a small building that’s it’s not that big really and all my wires and all that are in here i’ll open a bit let’s have a look at the sizing here here’s a regular playstation 4 i’m gonna we can probably build a super playstation out of all of these so let’s see the comparison here look at it really is nearly the same size as a playstation force a little bit wider but seemed nearly the same height same heights yeah very interesting there to show you it’s not it’s not too heavy it’s not too bad next to the PlayStation slim and here we go we’ll do a double stack their show you guys that is interesting i’m surprised i really thought the probe is going to be a lot bigger I saw it today when i was at pictures place and I thought oh ok like it didn’t really seek is in the dark but seeing it here brightly lit up it’s not that bad and there’s all of our connectors at the back here clear plastic will take off that later on power supply hdmi you know obviously are your internet so I’m gonna talk in layman’s terms here because there’s so much stuff online and it’s been so confusing and you know this game gets an update but this game doesn’t this get better frame rate the state game doesn’t is great you know this game is more high res amor more 4k this game is not oh my god that’s what was confusing me the most I’m like what is this and when I broke it down to its simplest what this is it’s just a regular playstation 4 but it’s more powered up so think of it this way to get any playstation 4 game and put them in all three of these devices they all play the same as no playstation for pro versions in the sense that you go to the store and buy a you know like titanfall pro you know it isn’t is not different than that in that sense but if you do buy certain games are you do own certain games they will have for compatibility they will have an updated patch for the pro alone to make the game play better better frame rates or in 4k and a lot of other tricks and whistles and crazy things going on their arm what is my experience playing games on it seeing games playing 4k and let me just say that people and the pcs they’ve been doing this for a long time you know girl very jealous of them that’s their you know the premier way to play video games is on pc on the first to always say that first to always say that but for people who have consoles this right now is the most powerful as console on the market that is fact do you need it we’re going to get to that point at the end you really need it but how does it look how does that play is it fun is it worth it like all of those questions i had all those questions seeing games play on it today i saw time phul to ice aw uncharted I saw what well since I see the neutrino tomb raider the playstation 4 version and see the the big one outfit to the end which was such a shock such a shot but ok let’s just start tomb raider how do you look I was playing to raider on a standard no attending TV the other night you look beautiful how my regular playstation 4 days playing I loved it all great so i went to pictures place today and I’m i’m looking at it playing in 4k and and just looking at it it’s so weird the difference everybody wants to know because i can’t show you so all I can do is tell you what is the difference playing a video game in 4k you know it’s very very beautifully subtle so you’re looking at the screen and I was watching you know Laura go up the mountain in the beginning of the snow I had everything I you could see the ice crystals just a little bit more everything just looked a little bit more smoother it’s very very hard to describe in any other term but it seemed a little bit brighter the HDR high dynamic range is the new technology and a lot of televisions and what this can also output to you know this kcr output technology in this value will play on your 4k TVs and look nice does it blow your mind no it doesn’t blow your mind but it looks beautiful and so i SAT there and I was watching tomb raider was like this is very nice but it wasn’t blown away don’t get me wrong i wasn’t blown away I wasn’t like oh my god is a must system you know it’s not for anybody’s not must have system and then we saw titanfall 2 and I started to change a little bit more I was like oh my goodness this is really really nice looking this is really beautiful looking and for all the pc players out there like of course it is but for for me seeing it on the console on this playing on a TV 4k TV it looked amazing I’m not kidding it looked really amazing it enough that it felt like a real upgraded seem like a difference in to seem like okay some no textures a little bit better and somebody that looked like something tangible something almost work the system for you know I mean like sometimes like I could see this i can see why this is justified from this game and then the final game that i get to see that really really impressed me in game i did not think what impressed me at all was Ratchet and Clank a game that i think is pretty cool but my god running in 4k our the HDR technology it looks like you’re you know in Victor look at cities like is it like it’s like you’re looking know we’re playing a cartoon it looks so gorgeous I was so taken back it it really did seem like a i’ll jump forward and I could see where all these updates the games can make things look this good ok that’s pretty cool and that’s what i like about the playstation 4 that I’m being honest here is that you can do it or not do it if you want a little bit more horsepower it’s there it’s it exists right here if you don’t you’re totally okay as well I think this device is for anybody who does not have a playstation 4 right now and very they want to jump into the PlayStation world Wow for a hundred dollars more than the slim right here what a deal dude this is the best system to get if you do not have a playstation 4 and you want to get one this christmas this would be good and you have a 4k TV and that’s what they want people don’t have 4k TVs do they not know a lot of people are getting them all i could stop where if you do have one you have a CR technology and you don’t have a playstation 4 this is a no brainer at that point but if you have a playstation 4 well you know one that’s pretty good you know you’ll be fine you’ll be absolutely fine i’m not here to sell as again i’m not here to sell you this i’m here to talk about my experiences with it that’s what this review is supposed to be about and get rid of this all the late and you know all the technical talk and just cut right kind of two it is it kinda cool with the games look like is there a difference and I hear that and haven’t seen for myself but Victor was telling me that you know Reds infinite was they’ve upped the resolution on that that’s for playstation vr i love resin and playing all the time like wow I can’t wait to give that a go and see how that plays out so a lot of games have patches a lot of future games are being made with a pro in mind so you can patch it maybe even know make the game better play more optimal for the games will always play on the regular systems and that is important to know i don’t know why i may be moronic but when this is coming out I was like I was kind of confused about the whole machine I’m like what this is updated but that isn’t in this game and this is my was this is and that’s why I set up the beginning is a bit of a PR nightmare is like nobody could figure out what this was doing what it wasn’t doing and what it could do what I can do so people were having a very negative reaction to it which I totally get even I was like scratching my head like so what does it do things a 4.5 playstation less than okay dude we need add this you know and here’s the thing i think it’s just a little bit of a stepping stone until we get to know the next-gen our type of thing that you know this is not a place you should five but yeah it’s competing with some of the other machines going out there and obviously when the xbox scorpio and all that in the next year that and thinking of that brought me to a very big negative with the Machine unfortunately there is no 4k blu-ray player I know most of you know that but that is a really painful thing I want to hook this up to my TV and play 4k movies it the reason why that one bothers me the most is because Sony invented blu-ray technology so there’s a blu-ray player in every playstation why didn’t they update it so we can play blu-rays and your case to keep the cost down i’m thinking i’m guessing but that that’s something that really hurts this that I have to buy a separate 4k blu-ray player that is just ridiculous and it is and I think even sony would know that themselves they would but hooking you know like hooking this up and not having that is a very big very big downsized you know you know this i’m very bummed out about it so that’s not in here but i will say another positive coming back that I understand why this machine exists and if you have a an incredible pc you’re just laughing at you know anyways and you have every right to but for console players who haven’t jumped into the game this is the way to go it is the most powerful console on the market as of right now and if you want a bit more horsepower it exists and you will get it and you will receive a reward but only if you have a 4k TV you will see higher frame rates things like that on a regular 1080 television and things will look better but I think you’re really is the 4k that’s really know setting this aside you’re pushing it or that that would be a must-have machine so guys that some of my things I want to say about the playstation pro a machine that has a strange and unusual your PR campaign going around know every to understand what this machine is I hope I’ve been able to explain a little bit more today and maybe heck you know over the coming months I learn a lot more maybe we all will together and we’ll find out what this thing can really do but right now it makes a lot of sense i totally get it if you don’t have a ps4 time to grab one and grab this I think it’s a great way to go for ktv you’ll be having a merry motherfucking Christmas this year so anyways guys until next time

Product Review Video: Nike Zoom Superfly R4

This is a rather booming endorcement for the Nike Zoom Superfly R4 Nike shoes. I can’t say that it says much, but the endorsement is certainly enthusiastic.

The test of this video goes something like this:

hi I’m Rob I’m the buying manager for the run Department of wiggle we’re here in sunny portsmouth today at the mountbatten center and we put in some running shoes through their paces this is the night superfly are for sprint ride this is a turbocharged printing spike ideal for the high-performance athletes looking to compete over 100 and 200 meters on the track there’s a number of features and benefits on the superfly are for the main one being a shiny base which is going to double the competition when you sprint away from the other main feature is the sprint web construction for a really secure and firm it if you’re looking to scorch the competition in your next hundred meter race the superfly are four is the shoes for you


Product Review Video of the All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player

Above is a very comprehensive and informative product review of the All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player, available at Amazon.com for $39.99 as of this posting. There is a lot of territory covered in this review. In short, once you watch it, you’ll likely buy it.

Highlights of this review include:

Taking a look today at the amazon fire TV stick.

  • Probably the most affordable streaming box you can buy at the moment
    $39 to make your dumb television a smart one
  • It’s pretty simple to install
  • Just pops into the back of your televisions hdmi port
  • They have an extension cable with it as well in case it doesn’t fit back there
  • You plug some power into the USB port and you’ve got most of the major streaming video apps delivered to your television for a very affordable price
  • This is the new version of the product that add some additional course power to the chip inside of it so it’s a little faster for games and whatnot
  • They’ve also added voice remote capabilities with Alexa
  • You can get a lot of the Alexa services like being able to check the weather or turn your lights on
    A pretty nice update on this product

The review covers a lot of information. Below is running text of all of the video, not 100% accurate, but close:

hey everybody its lon side we’re taking a look today at the amazon fire TV stick this is probably the most affordable streaming box you can buy at the moment $39 to make your dumb television a smart one and it’s pretty simple to install it just pops into the back of your televisions hdmi port here they have an extension cable with it as well in case it doesn’t fit back there you plug some power into the USB port and you’ve got most of the major streaming video apps delivered to your television for a very affordable price and this is the new version of the product that add some additional course power to the chip inside of it so it’s a little faster for games and whatnot and they’ve also added voice remote capabilities with Alexis you can get a lot of the Alexis services like being able to check the weather or turn your lights on as will do in a few minutes with it as well so a pretty nice update on this product again very affordable step through all the things that can do here in just a second i do want to mention though in the interest of full disclosure that i purchased this with my own funds while the opinions about to here are my own no one is paying for this review and no one is reviewing this content before it is posted alright so I got everything hooked up right now the stick is connected to a splitter with its extension cable but normally this would be tucked behind your television set it’s powered by a USB cable you could probably get enough power from your televisions USB port if you have an older TV without them or it doesn’t provide enough power they do give you an AC adapter in the box with about a 6-foot cable so you shouldn’t have an issue getting it connected up to your television set it’s got a quad-core processor they don’t say what kind of quad-core processor it is but you can bet on it being a very low-end processor but it is capable enough to do basic video streaming which this does exceptionally well as well as play some games to a gigabytes of storage and one gigabyte of RAM maximum display output is 1080p now because this is an Amazon device they will steer you towards amazon content as often as they can so as you scroll through here the first thing you’ll see our your Prime originals and what’s nice about the prime services that if you are a prime subscriber already you get all this content for free and there’s actually a lot of good stuff on there including some HBO shows here as you can see so I think that VPS on there as well as some older HBO shows like Roman many others amazon has their own content they also have a bunch of content they license from other folks as well my daughter watches a lot of kids stuff on amazon video now because they do a really good kids library to see if you are a prime subscriber you get a lot of great stuff for free essentially for purchasing this box and using amazon video services of course you can also buy other content through amazon as well so we’re really going to steer you towards those things quite a bit i’m very impressed though by how fast everything springs to life so what they often do is kind of precash things in anticipation of you actually hitting the button so because I’m hovered over this season 1 episode 1 of Goliath here when I hit the button it does come up pretty quickly here so this video is already playing even though it’s a still frame here you can see the video is advancing here and it’s already ready to go with with content 47 very pleased which is how responsive it feels there’s times when the menu gets a little laggy but by and large for watching stuff which i think is what most people wish to do with this device I really does quite nicely there are other apps available on here as well so you have HBO Go here for example I’ve got netflix booted up on here already too and things do spring to life very quickly in those apps as well so we’ll cut back to my other screen here i think i’ve got an episode of Star Trek currently running so we’ll pop that open and see how that goes i should note that this has wireless AC built-in however I’ve had a very hard time getting it connected to my AC wireless networks i think there might be a firmware update that might correct that I have multiple access points in my house so I wasn’t able to get the device connected to the faster Wi-Fi it does support the slower 2.4 gigahertz standard as you can see here it really isn’t impacting things all too much netflix seems to work pretty effectively HBO goes on here number of other apps as well I think they have a full list on the amazon website which i will link to below now YouTube is a little different on here because YouTube and Google are kind of a competitor to amazon so they don’t have an official YouTube app but what they’ve done is built a YouTube interface to their Leanback experience so what’s going to happen here is it kind of pulls up a web page doesn’t look like a webpage but it is actually the YouTube web interface that is formatted for a full screen TV experience so it does look a lot like a nap but you will not get 1080p60 content from youtube on this device is your scrolling around with it so just be advised for that it won’t feel as smooth as a native app might but you are able to pretty quickly get your YouTube content up and running on here as well the box does support the digital audio standards and some of them so they’ll be digital does work on this but none of the higher-end standards like dts-hd or BB true HD which lot of home theater enthusiasts want but on netflix and amazon and other services that do support digital surround sound this device will work with your home theater receiver now they have integrated voice search and Alexis services into the box here so I can do some Universal searching like this star trek the next generation and what it will do is pull up a couple of things that thought I said sometimes it just brings you right to the result as you can see here we’ve got star trek up now and if i click on the episode is going to drive me into amazon services so you can get over to other services if you go to the more ways to watch option here to pull up netflix and hulu as well but again they’re always trying to steer you into the Amazon ecosystem but there’s more that you can do with this so I can do some shopping show me some good deals on paper towels and what we’ll do here is pull up a search result from of course amazon and will give me the recommended brawny paper towels here if I want to buy those it also does things like show me the weather this week and hopefully should pull up a result for that seven days so there you guys you’ve got some of those capabilities and because it integrates with alexa if you are using Alexis services on other devices from amazon you can also use them on here without any additional configuration so I have a huge system on my network here i can just say turn on the studio lights and that lamp should turn on here in just a second there we go and I can also have to do something like this turn the studio lights down fifty percent and it should dim the lights forest now after i say that so very much a star trek like experience you have to hold down the button on this device to do that but if you use the lecture or using Alexa and other services most of those things should work here as well and one thing this does very well is play game surprisingly so a lot of the casual games things like this sonic CD remake really do well on this platform given what this little device has four horsepower know when things start happening in the background like app updates and everything else you may not get the best experience but i found by and large the US be the device to be really decent enough to run a lot of fun games and again if you are a casual gamer this is probably going to be a very good casual gaming experience for you and there’s going to be a lot of stuff to choose from that isn’t all that expensive the one great i have though is that amazon has this great underground appstore for android devices but they don’t offer you those same apps on their TV platform those apps are free on the underground platform for phones not so on their TV devices unfortunately you will be finding yourself paying for more games on your TV device and you might on your phone but that’s probably how they are modeling their business here but as you can see sonic is running pretty well the other issue though is with the game controllers so I am finding that even if your controller says it’s compatible with Android it’s not going to work i have three or four different Android compatible bluetooth game controllers that I tried to connect up with this stick the only one that worked was this third-party controller i got a couple years ago from my co which does work with it because it was designed for amazon fire TV boxes so you will probably need to invest in the Amazon controller for it to work I really tried every Android controller i had in the house this was the only one that works they don’t make this any more about Amazon does sell their own controllers on their store and I think those controls probably cost as much as the stick does and even some more demanding games here like grand theft auto vice city seemed to run pretty nicely on this box as well so for $39 you really get a pretty decent little gaming box here even if you do have to invest probably cost of the stick in getting a game controller that’s compatible with it but it does seem to do pretty well with games much better than the prior version of the stick did the big thing to keep in mind is that when you buy a game on amazon you’re not getting the Google Play version of that game so if you have bought games on your phone through google play those games will not be accessible to you on here even though this is running a version of Android just like your phone does amazon has their own stores separate from google so all of your google purchases do not come over to the stick so you just want to keep that in mind you might have to buy some things again if you want to run them on this device is now ready to get into a gear part of the review here for not geeky enough already because this also works with the moonlight pc game streaming apps i’m running the infamous no man’s sky on my gaming pc in the other room and we’re streaming it over my wireless network I to the fire TV stick here and it seems to be running pretty nicely now one thing to note is that the fire TV stick here is limited to 30 frames per second on its h.264 decoder which is it using basically to get the video signal from the gaming pc here so you will not get a 60 frames-per-second experience but you’ll get a playable pc gaming experience as a little extension box here for about thirty nine dollars in addition to getting all of your other media playback as well so not too bad of an experience here and certainly unexpected that moonlight app is available in the amazon appstore is well for free I’ve covered that app in the past so definitely check out my playlist link below so you can see how it works very versatile app and runs pretty nicely on here you’ll see two when we quit the game that the latency isn’t all that bad either so get a little latency report here when we quit about 11 milliseconds so very quick actually faster than the me box we looked at just recently which is a low-cost android TV box so it really does very very well here with moonlight better than i expected it would do and one of the things that I was pleased to see is that amazon has knocked down at least a few of the barriers that we’re making it hard to sideload applications onto this device so this is running Android and that means you can download android apps directly from the developers of those apps and install them even if they’re not on the amazon fire store the problem has been in the past it was a lot of menus he had to dig through yet run stuff on your computer it wasn’t easy to get these apps up and running they have made it a lot easier because now those apps after their run at least once i will show up on your app library which is great and i’m going to do a separate video in my extra channel showing you how i use the ES file explorer here that i got from the Amazon store to make that process easier i’m also going to plug a viewers website AF TV news i’ll put a link down below in the video description to that website it is composed and written by a viewer of the channel le estaba who does a lot of content just on these fire TV boxes and he’s got a lot of great tips for hacking into them and making them a bend to your will he’s done a great job with that site i want you all to check it out if you are interested in that alright so let’s take a look at Cody and see how well it might be able to playback a blu-ray MK vfiles running the spm see for Cody which is what i really love to run these android TV boxes so i’ll click on the Ghostbusters MKV file here this is the full blu-ray movie that I took off the disk that I have upstairs and it does start up pretty well it does start to play okay but you’ll often get this buffering going on and there’s a few reasons for that one is that it’s not a very powerful device to begin with the other reason is that for whatever reason it will not connect with my AC network here in the house even though it supports it so i think we had better wireless connectivity to the box right now I would probably see better performance but this is not going to be something I’m going to recommend to home theater enthusiasts with very large bitrate files like these blu-rays again I think sticking to the basic consumer stuff will be a better experience but it does work fine with flex flex available in the amazon appstore so you shouldn’t have any problems finding that so you can see what it looks like here on the device here when it boots up one thing you’ll also notice is that because you only have a gigabyte of ram and hear that the apps often have to reload you’re not going to often see a very quick switch from one app to the other based on that issue but here’s the interface here we can maybe split up the star wars movie i was watching earlier on a prior video and see how well this does know what will happen is because i’m running plex flexible transcode the video into something that this device can playbacks my little flex server in the other room will process that file make it into something smaller than the blu-ray file that it’s playing from and that should give us a better experience here on our fire TV stick and again because it supports dolby digital if your blu-ray file has dolby digital embedded in it it should playback just fine so let’s let this queue up here we’ll see how well the video is once it starts playing alright so here we go just took a second for it to spin up on my server there but now it’s playing back again transcoded to a better account for the bandwidth we have going into it as well as its limited processor so you shouldn’t have any problems playing back plex media on this device that is the Amazon fire TV stick and I think it’s probably the best value you’re going to get after playing back content on your HD television for thirty-nine dollars you get a lot of capability here for not a lot of money it doesn’t do 60 frames-per-second content it doesn’t do 4k but I think for a lot of consumers who have a basic HD television and back the ability to play back some of the streaming content on this device will get you there you’ll definitely want to check on Amazon’s website to make sure that your favorite streaming app is there and compatible but I think for a lot of folks who are using netflix or amazon prime video services you’ll be pleased with that the gaming is actually better than i expected on there as well a lot of great casual games even shovel knight is on there you will need to invest in a game controller which will probably double your price but that’s to be expected in this day and age when computing devices have gotten so inexpensive my only caution is that I was not able to get it to connect to my AC wireless network i think it’s based on how I haven’t configured I’ve got multiple access points that allow my devices to roam between them and for whatever reason this one just isn’t talking to them at the moment so I’m going to keep an eye on this to see if maybe there’s a firmware upgrade in the future that improves that but i would just caution you to very quickly get it out of the box and test it because if it doesn’t work with your network you should be able to return it to Amazon this is lan Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters including gold level supporter Eric if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lon . v / patreon to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit lon . e v /s

For more information, view the page for the All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player now at Amazon.com.

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